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APH Holding is a Melbourne-born asset management and realisation company. Built on three pillars: safety, stability, and sustainability, APH Holding is committed to delivering on its commitments to devise projects that offer measurable benefits to the community, create local jobs and build for future generations of Melbournians. 

APH has a track record of transforming spaces, adding value to unwanted sites, creating jobs and facilitating services for the community. APH works in close consultation with citizens, local councils and the state government to implement a broader strategy that supports Melbourne’s growth in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail industries. With projects spanning each of these industries, and an asset portfolio spreading from Melbourne’s south-east to the CBD, APH is creating and managing assets that will benefit generations to come. 

APH is highly adaptable and continues to refine its strategic priorities to ensure that they always align with the needs of the community. The events of recent years motivated APH to increase its focus on healthcare, hospitality, commercial and precinct master planning, underpinned by environment, social and governance (ESG) principles and a long-term investment horizon. 

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