Ryan Smith appointed as Chair of APH Construction Tender Committee

The APH Holding Board is pleased to announce a significant advancement in our efforts to enhance the transparency and efficiency of our project procurement processes with the establishment of a Construction Tender Committee that will oversee the evaluation of tenders and the selection of contractors.

Hon Ryan Smith is appointed as the Chairperson to lead the committee and will comprise external members with expertise in construction, legal matters, finance, and procurement. It will operate under a framework designed to thoroughly assess tender responses, ensuring a fair and impartial evaluation process.

The Committee’s core responsibility is to carefully review tender responses against a set of rigorous criteria. By doing so, it aims to identify and recommend contractors and suppliers that align best with our project requirements. These recommendations will be based purely on merit, with the Committee ensuring a bias-free selection process.

Furthermore, the Committee’s role extends beyond cost considerations. It will evaluate indicators additional to pricing, focusing on the long-term value and suitability of partners for our projects. This approach reflects our commitment to selecting partners that align with our values and goals as a maturing business.

The first project to undergo the Committee’s evaluation is City Park Retail – Stage 1. The Committee’s findings and recommendations will be reported directly to the APH Board. Additionally, due diligence on prospective partners will be a crucial part of the Committee’s responsibilities, guaranteeing that our partnerships are founded on trust and reliability.

As APH Holding continues to evolve, the introduction of the Construction Tender Committee underscores our dedication to fairness, transparency, and excellence in our procurement practices. We anticipate this initiative will contribute significantly to our ongoing success.